Dear NJ Reaganites,

I've been thrilled to hear from so many of you in recent weeks, asking for information about this year's Reagan Day. It's fantastic to know that you look forward to it as much as we do! So it's a little bittersweet to let you know that we're taking a break this year from the event. 

But I promise you it's for a good reason -- your annual host is out job hunting. Very much in the tradition of President Reagan, he believes now is the time to put country above self, and to take every opportunity to serve the people of the state he loves so dearly. So I'll be sad not to see so many familiar names roll in for registration, and I'll miss celebrating with all of you, but I hope and trust you understand.

Anyway, don't be too disappointed -- we're not giving up on New Jersey Reagan Day, and we hope to pick up right where we left off very soon!

-Johanna Webber