And across that globe, in places like Budapest and Warsaw, monuments literally are rising to pay homage to a great man.  If former communists in Hungary and Poland can find ways to honor Reagan for his vision and strength in promoting human liberty, then certainly we in New Jersey can do the same.

       In 2016, over 750 people gathered to pay tribute with Keynote Speaker Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Past years have featured Vice President Dick Cheney, President Reagan's son Michael Reagan, 1996 Presidential Candidate Senator Phil Gramm, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese, John Fund of The Wall Street Journal, Stephen O’Connor of Human Events, Ed Capano of National Review, former Assistant to President Reagan Frank Donatelli, and Dr. Paul Kengor of Grove City College.

       New Jersey Reagan Day celebrates President Reagan’s accomplishments.  He won victory in the Cold War, brought fairness and sanity to the American tax code and regulatory regime, and began a resounding economic boom.

New Jersey Reagan Day is sponsored by Young America's Foundation and the Reagan Ranch.          

Assemblyman Jay Webber

         But New Jersey Reagan Day is not about mere nostalgia. What we celebrate most are President Reagan’s great intangible attributes — his forward-looking vision, his deep faith in the essential goodness and wisdom of the American people, and his firm commitment to great ideas and principles.  Ronald Reagan saw and appreciated what is best about us.  Like a lighthouse beacon reaching every corner of the world, President Reagan projected our nation’s greatness to the rest of the globe.

       New Jersey Reagan Day is an all-volunteer annual tribute to the life, leadership, and legacy of President Ronald Reagan.  Founded in 2004 by Assemblyman Jay Webber, New Jersey Reagan Day brings together everyday citizens, grassroots activists, and leaders to honor the greatness of The Gipper.

       On New Jersey Reagan Day, we believe we owe it to President Reagan and to the hundreds of millions of men, women, and children whom he protected and liberated, to say thank you and help keep President Reagan’s beacon lighted. This year, as New Jersey Reagan Day turns its focus especially to those character traits that made Ronald Reagan's leadership a national treasure -- integrity, humility, optimism, dedication to the common good -- we are delighted to celebrate with our featured guest, Coach Lou Holtz.